Huge waste-DALY in India

A recent news report brings out a terrifying picture of the status of heart disease and stroke attacks in India.




The report  brings out the fact that heart disease deaths have increased by 34% in India during a span of 15 years,while it decreased by 41% in USA.

The report also points out that there is significant difference in the occurrence of the diseases among the states.This may help us to understand the issues better.

Below you will find some data about the three states mentioned in the report. The states are Mizoram,Punjab and West Bengal.

Parameters/           States -> Mizoram Punjab West Bengal
Literacy rate 91.33% 75.84% 76.26%
Sex ratio 976 895 950
Forest area 88.93% 6.87% 13,38%
Tribal population as per cent of total population 94.5% Annual reports

(2003-04) of union ministry of
tribal affairs denies the existence of tribal population.  Patiala based Punjabi university gave no. count of ex-criminal tribes as 4.37lakhs, total population is more than 277 lakhs.

About 6%


According to the report,Punjab has the highest DALY related to cardiovascular disease, Mizoram has the lowest.DALY score of West Bengal is sixtimesthat of Mizoram. DALY means ‘ Disability Adjusted Life Years’. It is a measure of the burden of disease resulting from disability and morbidity.WHO has introduced it and ways of calculating DALY. Simply speaking, higher the DALY score worse is the state of health,greater is the burden.

It is significant that Mizoram,a small state in India has the lowest DALY compared to Punjab and West Bengal.At the same time literacy rate,sex ratio, forest cover and tribal population in Mizoram are much much better than West Bengal and Punjab.

Do these facts suggest something?

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